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The Power of Print: How the Psychology of Touch Impacts our Perception and Memory

Updated: May 6

iShai Photography, a leading maternity and newborn photography studio in Pearland, Texas, just few miles away from Houston, we specializes in capturing these precious memories.


The research suggested that tactile experiences, such as holding a printed picture or book, can enhance emotional connections and improve memory retention. Do you believe in that? Have you ever held your printed picture? In this digital era, where everything is online we usually try not to print. People just want to post on instagram, facebook and twitter, and get social attention. But emotions are not as same as holding a photograph or artwork in hand. Here at iShai Photography, a leading maternity and newborn photography studio in Pearland, Texas, specializes in capturing these precious memories, and printing those as your family heirlooms. 

Newborn album, baby album

We call it power of print. Imagine an art product mounted on a wall tends to get more attention than digital sitting in your hard drive or phone which you see once in blue moon. The mounted family picture can increase the belief of love in your child. They understand the value of family, love and connection. 

Baby print

 Newborn album sitting on your coffee table, and imagine your child flipping that when they grow older. They show that to their friends and their upcoming family.

As a specialize in maternity and newborn photographer in Pearland, we promise you to provide exceptional art work with quality, which you can cherish forever. We have people drive from Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Baytown plus more Houston surrounding to use us their maternity and newborn photographer.


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