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5 Tips For A Stress-Free Newborn Shoot

Having a newborn photo shoot can be an exciting and special time, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Here are five tips to help make your newborn photo shoot as stress-free as possible.

Find Someone Experienced

First, ensure that the photographer you choose is experienced in working with newborns. Ask for samples of their work, or even better, reach out to parents who recently had a newborn session with the photographer. Working with someone with experience handling tiny babies will go a long way toward making the entire experience smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. iShai Photography offers years of experience to ensure you get the best newborn photography possible.

Plan Ahead

Second, plan ahead and come prepared for your session. Make sure to bring any special props for the shoot and any other items you need, like diapers, wipes, or bottles – whatever will make your baby feel comfortable and secure during his/her session. Additionally, it’s important to consider what colors you want to wear for the photos; coordinating outfits can make the photos even more beautiful!

Take A Break If Needed

Third, remember that newborns are unpredictable, so don’t worry if they aren’t cooperative during the session. Many babies need breaks throughout the day since they tire easily so plan on plenty of feeding and napping breaks throughout your session time – this will give baby time to recharge between shots. Also, ensure you discuss any specific shots you would like with your photographer beforehand so that he/she knows exactly what type of images you would like captured during your session.

Get Creative With Your Photos

Fourth, focus on getting beautiful lifestyle shots rather than too many posed shots – these are often some of the most meaningful photographs from a newborn session. Capture candid moments such as snuggling up with mom or dad or those special little details like tiny toes or fingers curled around Mom’s neck - these types of images create lasting memories that you can cherish for years to come!

Stay Calm & Have Fun

Finally, remember to relax and enjoy this special moment in time! A newborn photoshoot should be fun and stress-free - take advantage of this opportunity to capture those precious first few weeks of life by looking back at them through photos later on down the road! Take deep breaths when needed and savor every second spent cuddling up close with your new bundle of joy - these memories will last a lifetime!


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